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Started by reddeercity, May 26, 2019, 08:21:44 AM

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Having compiling error & I don't fully understand how to fix it .
Trying to compile crop_rec for 50D and keep getting
crop_rec.c: In function 'cmos_hook':
crop_rec.c:863:17: error: invalid storage class for function 'nrzi_encode'
static uint32_t nrzi_encode( uint32_t in_val )

If I change anything I'll break crop_rec for 5D2 ,
Can someone explain what is a "invalid storage class for function"
there a little red arrow pointing at just before nrzi_encode

below is the piece of code it's referring to

I kind of know a little about it -- is there something for the 50D I need to define that I missed ?
as is it works on the 5D2 and don't what to break it , if I can fully understand this error I can fix the compiling for crop_rec on 50D

Edit: I have more problems , the code for 50D broke the 5D2 crop_rec with the same errors, so back to the code line by line and see where I messed up .


Hard to narrow down issues without the actual code and environment you´re compiling in.
shutter_blanking regs are defined in consts.h at least. If you had it working with 5D2 it should work if defined for 50D. Maybe you´re in wrong branch. Guesswork...