HDR at Darkness

Started by 1mannlan, August 24, 2012, 01:25:43 PM

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Without ML this pic wouldn't be possible, cauz I had to do a 60 seconds Exposure while walking around and triggering my flash to illuminate the Building.
But i like the Result :):


Cool effects. Please elaborate on your process. I get the long exposure part but what else...
Was ML involved in the HDR part, tripod and hand held remote flash, how many shots processed @ ?ev levels, ???
We are all curious, thanks.
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The Camera was on a Tripod ans set to min Exposure-Time.
When the Shutter Opened I used my Flash to "flash" the building and get the right exposure for it.
After everything was made I did some tone-correction and fusioned with some exposures, because the flash did some overexposures on the grass.
Like this ML only helped me to do a long exposure while able to walk around while doing the Picture.


Did you use ML auto trigger sensor like shooting lightning? Then combine the various illuminations in post?
550D on ML-roids


No, i just took serveral shots with long exposure, and combined them later.


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