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Started by swinxx, September 23, 2018, 10:25:49 AM

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i wonder if it is possible to add a feature (i cant find it yet) to change the preferred card depending what i do ->

Preferred Card for Filming -> CF
Preferred Card for Photos -> SD

This would be nice because i would like to save my photos on the SD card for simpler connection to my laptop, and save the mlv files on CF because of better speed

thank you very much, and keep on keeping on :)


Actually, this makes sense in a larger context: different settings (both Canon and ML) in movie vs photo mode.

For example, exposure settings and picture style are usually set to different values in photo and movie mode:

- photo (CR2): fast shutter speeds to minimize motion blur; picture style with sharpness maxed out to help evaluating focus
- video (H.264): 180-degree shutter speed, picture style suitable for post-processing or SOOC output

Yet, Canon shares these settings between photo and movie mode, unless you use custom modes on the dial. Unfortunately, these custom modes don't seem to cover the card selection.



So is there a chance to add such functionality that changes card selection depending on video/photo mode?

Best wishes


The more general problem (ML and Canon settings switching between different shooting modes, i.e. config presets without camera reboot) is on my list, but unable to promise a release date; there are other items with higher priority.

This particular problem (changing card selection with the movie/photo switch) is probably an easy coding task, but not (yet) doable from Lua scripts.