Author Topic: EOSM, Danne auto overclock script test with a Tair-3 on the end.  (Read 1349 times)

Tony Weller

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Everyone knows how good Canon and ML are together but I was so impressed with this thought someone might like it.
Not very creative, 2520*1080 from a EOSM and ML
Shot from bathroom window, plants are 6 meters away and the tree 30 meters(can see heat haze creeping in)
I have a wide monitor 2560*1080 so this fills it out nicely, not sure how it will work out otherwise, please let me know.
Only post processing was less softening in Resolve REC709 RAW

Once again thanks ML team.

700D 1.1.5, EOSM 202, 4k_crop_rec 160MHz UHS-1 overclock