Author Topic: Resolve 14: How do I sync my .DNG sequence + .WAV file to an HQ audio source?  (Read 863 times)


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Hey all,

I have sort of stumped myself on this one so I figured someone here may be able to help. I shot a video using MLV_REC, which I then converted to DNG sequences with their corresponding .wav files which came out at the same length - so all is good at this point. My intent was to sync this low quality wav from the raw clip to a higher quality recorder based on waveform. The issue is the clip and its audio are 2 separate pieces, and audio sync feature is grayed out when I trying to match a .wav to a .wav, so apparently it expects one of the inputs to be a whole clip and not another wav?

Anyone have any alternate approaches to this? I hate the thought of having to do nudge it manually into sync by hand


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What tool did you use to convert? Mlvfs, Switch and MLV App should do it in a way Resolve can autolink video+audio.
Edit: I did not read right the first time... audio+audio link is not given in this way... right... sry.
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Thanks for your reply. I used Raw2CDNG to convert.

I have since found a way to do this, which I already knew but was hoping to avoid due to how clunky and frustrating it is.

Here is how I was able to get it to work:

1) Line up the DNGs with their WAVs.
2) Export out as a video clip & re-import.
3) Sync the audio from the new clip to the high quality WAV source based on waveform
4) Drop the clip with the high quality source on the timeline, unlink & delete the video track from it
5) Move the high quality audio source beneath the original DNG clip

Still hoping someone knows of a solution that won't add a few hours to this project. Luckily it is a short video :/


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Try Batch_MLV, its optimized for Resolve so the clips are in the right order aswell. The clips contain the Audio file within, should work with syncing. - The link Danne posted on Page 6.

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Sound strange that they doesn't link automatically the dng sequence and audio file in Resolve.

What version of raw2cdng do you use?

I always use Resolve 14 Studio and raw2cdng and it always sync automatically.