ARM console in Ubuntu 12.04

Started by jplxpto, August 21, 2012, 11:08:44 PM

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Hello everybody....

I have been trying to launch the ARM-console application in Ubuntu 12.04. I know the versions of Python and IPhyton, installed are not supported. I have no knowledge of python but I've managed to solve many problems of the IPython interactive console. I have yet to solve the problem of registration of magic functions. I have to read more about it ... still do not understand how it works. It seems to me that I have to create a profile.

Someone can help me?! .... Alex ... Are you there? ... ;)


That's how i fixed it, not very clean but it gets the job done: simply download the Ipython 0.10 source code, compile (python2 build) and use that
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Thank you.

By the way, I currently have the application running on CentOS 6.2 with the python of distribution