User Guide thread for the latest nightlies (Help Needed)

Started by Redrocks, March 30, 2014, 08:37:35 PM

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Erik Krause

A first version of the User Guide posts at the beginning of this thread are copied to the wiki. It's a dumb copy, I didn't any updating so far. I've split it in two pages to have the part intended for in-camera help separate. Currently in playground namespace: and

dokuwiki doesn't allow for links in the headlines, hence the URL's are below the respective headlines where  necessary.

Now anyone is invited to expand the topics and make it as up to date as possible. Please keep the syntax simple, since this will probably be translated to RST in time in order to be used in the ML sources. For the time being it's more important to have relevant information!

To get edit access for the wiki use the same credentials as for the forum.

Erik Krause

Actually it doesn't look very good. For many points text is completely missing. It still needs a lot of work, so please anyone, log in to the wiki and add text!  Anyone who can write here in the forum can edit the wiki, too. Don't be afraid your english won't suffice. It's a wiki, errors will likely be corrected.

Erik Krause

This thread is obsolete now, could someone please unsticky it? The texts have moved to the wiki, discussion should take place in

Please help spread the word...