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Another idea
« on: October 21, 2017, 03:56:53 AM »
Another crazy idea (from my idiot series of ideas).
Before suggesting this idea, I'm sure it's not simple to implement and I'm not asking anyone to do it, it's just a hypothesis (again).

A "cinema mode" script. It could adapt for common configurations, such as 180 degree shutter speed, 24fps and so on, but also adapt the MLV module to the best possible resolution. For example:

1. Script turn-on modules (MLV, AETTR, Dual_ISO, adtg iso)
2. Draw (using the GUI hacks), a message as "Reboot the camera and don't turn off after reboot"
3. After reboot, do a automatic card benchmark
4. Using the data of the benchmark, adapt the MLV module to the highest possible resolution for realtime recording (including bitdepth reduction, if necessary)
5. Put shutter speed to 180 degree
6. Put frame rate to exact 24.00
7. Ask user if he wants to use dual_iso (if "yes", then take it into consideration on step 8 )
8. Reading the scene with AETTR module, adjust ISO to the best SNR possible (following the adtg discussion)
9. Ask for manual white balance adjust (using reference picture or just using kelvin temp.)
10. Write this configuration to ML, for fast switch.

As a1ex said on the other ridiculous idea I've wrote here, configuration cannot be changed easily, but, hey, it's just a idea :)