is interlaced video possible?

Started by fmp-videostudio, August 15, 2012, 11:26:29 AM

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Hi Folks!

I do making film on 1080p @ 25 fps (PAL). Sometimes when I turn my camera left to right that  my picture is lagged.

I have a sample question:

Can I recording in interlaced mode - maybe in the future - e.g. 720i @50 fps?
If it possible i will be feeling lucky :P

Mihály from Hungary

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Interlace is only possible in post. I have used Virtualdub to change 50fps to 25i. It is painful to do batch processing and the result is large AVIs.
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Michael Zöller

fmp, could you elaborate a bit more?

I believe the "lag" you are describing is the rolling shutter? i.e.

Rolling shutter can be removed pretty decently in post with the right plugin.

Free VirtualDub/Deshaker plugin:

And there are other plugins out there like Mercalli.
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