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Shutter in Crop Mode
« on: October 15, 2017, 04:38:18 PM »
Hello, this question is related to this one

I am using crop mode on my 600d for raw recording (so the fps is set to 50 by Canon) and I use FPS override to achieve 24 fps.
I want to be able to use a shutter of 1/50, however, the lowest I can go is 1/52th. If I understand correctly, the lowest shutter should be 1/fps, so in this case 1/50 (or would it be 1/overriden fps -> 1/24?).

Neither Expo. Override nor Image Fine-Tuning -> Shutter fine-tuning can set the shutter to below 1/52.777.

Is there anything I can do to achieve a shutter of 1/50?

Any help is greatly appreciated.