5D mkIII 3200 iso compressed raw 12bit night street

Started by The_bald_guy, September 29, 2017, 07:42:32 PM

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I was recording my cousin in a venue when a artist asked me to do a piece. We went on the street to do a one take.



Could somebody please tell me where is the noise? I was trying to find it in that video but it seems it's nowhere to be found..


Quote from: extremelypoorfilmaker on September 30, 2017, 05:30:26 PM
Could somebody please tell me where is the noise? I was trying to find it in that video and it seems it's nowhere to be found..
Clearly the youtube compression has pushed it thogehter, but clearly something is struggling in the upper left. Just a comment ;)
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It is 12bit lossless by the way. The noise is really pleasing. I didnt touch the luma grain but just for the sake of web compression I removed maybe 30% of chroma noise. But the uncompressed raw version is perfect with the original grain.


I looked closer and there are artifacts from the 12bit lossless. After comparing all the modes : 14, 12, 10bit, 14bit lossless, 12 bit lossless, 10 bit lossless. 12 bit scraps the highlight recovery in resolve and puts weird artefacts. So 14 bit lossless is the sweet spot. No compression artefacts or whighlight recovery problems.

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if you don't mind...what is the shotgun mic model?  and do you record the sound separately using a zoom or something?
is it a Glidecam?


The mic is a small Zoom H4N type of recorder. It was held by a boom under and to the right the camera field of view. It did show up in some parts of the video :(. But it was far better then my shotgun. The gimbal is motorised, and the 30mm is IS.