Author Topic: Help me begin. I need a quick start for 3X CROP MODE VIDEO with 5D2  (Read 509 times)


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Hello everyone.
I am new to Magic Lantern, ... and to hacking.

I want to record a short (10 to 20 sec) clip with a long lens (in daylight and broad depth of field).
I can't afford to rent a 600mm lens. So I'm ready to try hacking my 5D2 to record in 3x crop mode with my 70-200mm (=600mm).

My understanding of the hack is that I have to record images in RAW files and assemble then into a video. Is that right?

I need a simple and fast solution. Is it possible to simply record the crop mode clip in a camera native video format (mov)? I only need to use the center pixels of the camera sensor. That's all, nothing else fancy.

Can you direct me to a link for a quick and simple instruction to get a fast start? (My 5D2 firmware is already 2.1.2)

Thanks for your help!