Author Topic: [Not really an emergency]: EOS M2 fast blinking green LED at startup  (Read 36 times)

Walter Schulz

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Purchased an M2 marked as defunct and it came as defunct! Surprise!

Press ON/OFF and after very short time green LED begins to blink fast. And doesn't stop (tested for several minutes). Pressing ON/OFF again will stop it.
Pressing Play button at startup does *not* startup camera. But opening battery compartment, pressing Play (and keeping it pressed) and closing compartment door will startup cam with blinking LED. Can be shutdown by pressing ON/OFF, too.
If procedure is repeated without battery pull cam will not startup.

I tried with/without card. I tried cards prepared for ML. With/without Portable Display Test autoexec.bin and with cards prepared for other cam types. No reaction so I assume cam's bootflag is not set.

I suppose there may be a slight chance to get some diagnostics by accessing cam's UART and that's all I can do. Right?