Author Topic: Canon 5D Mk II Dual ISO development issue  (Read 3285 times)


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Canon 5D Mk II Dual ISO development issue
« on: May 28, 2017, 02:34:24 PM »
Hi to everyone!
I've got a strange issues while DualISO while development in Lightroom. My ordinary routine: download RAW to Lr - export with MagicLantern plugin - development in Lightroom .DNG file - export to .JPEG. After all manipulations final .jpeg has certainly readable grid structure as DuaiISO hasn't been calculated/developed properly.
Another one issue  - it seems that combining High ISO (1600 and above) with DualISO leads to lack in high ISO noise reduction. More over, it seems that all hot/beaten pixels become visible. On attached file both problems are demonstrated.

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The questions:
1. Do someone meet the same troubles and (if yes) how to fix them?
2. Are low light conditions natural limitations for DualISO usage in terms of noise reduction?