Will ML run on 6D Firmware Update 1.1.7?

Started by dangerlampost, May 21, 2017, 03:46:11 PM

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I'm a potential first-time ML user - looking very forward to using ML. However, I'm stuck in terms of firmware compatibility and wonder if someone could help?

My 6D is on the original 1.1.3 firmware it came with, and I saw that the latest ML nightly builds require 1.1.6. I went to Canon's website and they only seem to have the latest firmware version 1.1.7 available for download. Has anyone tried ML on a 6D with firmware version 1.1.7? Any advice for a potential first time user?

Walter Schulz

And you have to use firmware 1.1.6 to make it run until you or someone else has done the port for 1.1.7.
And firmware 1.1.6 is linked in download page ...