crop_rec on steroids: 3K, 4K, 1080p48, full-resolution LiveView

Started by a1ex, April 01, 2017, 11:15:41 AM

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Would those registers for 700D play nicely with an eos 100D?



I don't know if the registers in 700D identical to 100D or not and if it was identical maybe the values will be different.
Make a try!


I had a couple of crashes on my 700D while switching from crop mode to non-crop mode a week or so ago.  I got distracted and didn't save log files or anything but if I can replicate them is that something that you guys are interested in?
In which case, what detail do you want?

From memory I'd switch from crop to non-crop (or the other way around - I can't remember now) and when I exited the ML menus the display would be in the previous mode but frozen and camera unresponsive.  I think I might have had to take the battery out.


how come everything seems dead?
after a good period it seems that nothing more comes out, no experimetal of any kind all dead?


I do not know, but I fear that from 5d3 down now there is still very little to do and say, the hardware limits have been reached, and more than any small bugfux, I do not think we can push further, including preview.
moreover if I read well above, the main (if not unique) author of all these releases 4k exp. he remained without a suitable CF (which does not cost 2 pennies) and therefore without (fro now)  the possibility of testing any further.
I would still say that even if everything stopped here for 5d3 it was a great adventure that has squeezed it a lot!

Walter Schulz

@leozan: If perceived stall in development is bothering you are heartly invited to join dev team.
@jimiz: Your statement about limits reached is true. As it was one year before. And the year before. And the year before that.


yes, of course, and Santa Claus exists.  8)

What would you still like on 5d3 that is not some bug fix? the preview realtime while recording in 3.5 k without stop and with audio as well ?? or 4k HDMI output in 14 bit?  ah, ah, ah .... :D
I'm happy for everything that has been done to date ... and if nothing else comes out, I'm fine with it and I can also understand why accepting it and thanking it anyway!

the only news could be developed on 5d4 that has more hardware potential, but I do not think anything will come out, given the little circular of this machine and who owns it is not 'willing to do experiments.
moreover, the presence of excellent machines (also raw) at very low cost (blackmagic & lumix in the first place) brings people (including Devs) to other interests ...


I agree with you jimi.
Trollfan's answers without logic are not for me
I only saw an obvious general prolonged silence after a lucky period. I do not think in fact abounds of devs ...
and I agree too, that now the limits (and therefore novelty) at least for certain models, such as 5dmark3 have been achieved, except for a few maybe bug fixes. the fact remains (maybe not clear to someone) that the thanks for those who have done all this until now (ML DEVS) , remain and will remain indelible and alive for ever!!!




Hi every expert in ML Forum:
Could you please help me.
I have installed the main build in my 5D3 SD card and want to try 4K raw shooting.
Do I just
1)unzip ""   in the computer.
2)copy and paste the unzipped files to the original booted SD card in the computer.(It will replace the files with the same file name)
3) Plug the SD card into 5D3 and rotate to update firmware in 5D3.
4)Turn off and on the camera
Is it correct?
Thanks in advance.

Jay in Taipei


Some of us watch this thread for actual developments and not speculation, please have this discussion somewhere else.

Tony Weller

Quote from: jpegmasterjesse on June 06, 2018, 03:41:44 PM
Some of us watch this thread for actual developments and not speculation, please have this discussion somewhere else.


2.5 K raw video on a several year old EOSM with UHS over clock and development has stopped ?!  :o
How about, oh I don't know,  maybe go and make some films. Cant be nice for hard working devs to read this crap.
700D 1.1.5, EOSM 202, 4k_crop_rec 160MHz UHS-1 overclock


I am not a native english-speaker and I do not understand exactly what this is about here...
But somehow I have the impulse at this point -
- to say my deepest thanks to the developers of ML for everything that has been and will be done here.

We are currently in postproduction for our second documentary which will be shown in cinemas.
Shot with 5dmk II & III ML raw, many sequences also in 3K raw.

My conclusion: There is no camera under 20.000,-€ which I would prefer!
It's just great, stunning and wonderful!
The images are not of this shimmering thinness of so many 4K shots.
They have substance, thickness and depth.
 I love it!

Thank you!:)


Long time 6d shooter here.
In 1:1 pixel readout the 6d max resolution with magic lantern is 2688 x 958
Now with lossless raw and SD-UHS overclock working on the 6d(giving about 70Mb/s write speed), the time is right to go for 3k/4k on the 6d.
Although I would be very happy with 2.5K in 1:2.40 aspect ratio for now  :P
That would be 2560 x 1072, after that 2880 x 1200 would be a nice goal  8)
So at the moment I want more vertical resolution.

Now I have been messing with adtg_gui for a long time, but I just can't get any more resolution, not horizontally and not vertically.
I'm able to make the resolution higher with the '6804' register, but when I change it, to a higher vertical resolution, the last rows of pixels I added is just filled with garbage (black/blue noise, or coloured lines).
I'v also played a lot with the fps timers '6008' and '6014', but not much luck getting the added resolution filled with useful image  :-\

Since liveview is messed up very quick with trial and error with these registers, I use ML preview to check if I'm getting any useful image.

How do you guys get higher (vertical) resolution, what's your workflow in finding out ?


Here's an example of a 2688 x 1072 resolution on 6d, see the garbage at the lower bottom of the frame.
How do I get useful image data at the bottom of the frame, which registers to tweak  ::)


It's in cop_rec code. You might want to try these following six adtg2 registers from 5D3 for vertical resolution:

It also seems you have to modify timer a C0F06014 for verticl adjustment

[size=8pt]70D.112 & 100D.101[/size]


Thanks for the hints Nikfreak
From these 6 registers I haven't seen these 2 on 6d  ???

But I noticed these 4 registers use similar values for vertical resolution as used in 0x6804

0x8178N = same value as vertical 6804 value + 1
0x8179N = same value as vertical 6804
0x82f8N = a little bit less as half the vertical resolution
0x82f9N = same value as half the vertical resolution

Standard values for these registers and the 6804 resolution register:
            1080p         5xzoom 1:1
8178N    4e6           3de
8179N    617             470
82f8N     4e5             3dd
82f9N     640             494   
6804      4e5             3dd

4e5 translates to 1253 decimal which is vertical resolution in 1080 mode minus the black border
3dd transaltes to 989 decimal which is vertical resolution in crop 1:1 mode minus the black border
As you can see , the 494 of register 82f9N comes close to half the vertical resolution 494 x 2 = 988
The problem for me however is tweaking the 4 registers, they use NRZI values, can't get my head around the NRZI to hexadecimal/decimal values... so I at the moment I haven't successfully altered these values  :-\

they show up normal in hexadecimal values in adtg_gui interface.

But once I will alter and override them I see non hexadecimal values:



Nice progress for 100D  :D
Now any suggestions for making united resolutions or presets for small cameras ?


From your screenshots I found out 100D / 700D share almost same values and as you already notice 8-12 bit lossless won't work. Just 14 bit lossless and normal 10,12,14 bit. We can do a preset in crop_rec module by defining some safe deltas for all needed registers but which resolution makes sense in terms of useful recording speed I can't tell atm. Danne maybe can do some tests but 3k width was just a second or so. I am rather interested in this but not yet there
[size=8pt]70D.112 & 100D.101[/size]


We really need lossless 10/12bit. Was it a couple of thousands register to search? Maybe set up a lua script going through them all? How, what to look for?
Since these registers seems parallel too existing 2520x1072 we can't get real time live view either? Really mysterious stuff to me  :P
Have to get back on what would be considered good ratios and presets. It's good adtg practice either way.
It's continuous in 15 fps at least  8)



If the register values in 100D identical to 700D ,, Maybe this will helps for full resolution live view I got 5208x3240 you can find the preset in the link:

10-bit lossless isn't enough for continues 3K @ 24fps we need at least 70mb/s write speed (RAW calculator) --> effective write speed using sd_uhs is ~55mb/s in video mode.

So we must get the full overclocked speed sdr_104 @ 208 MHz --> 104mb/s and the effective maybe will be about ~80mb/s


Cool, there's a 208mhz frequency?
Nice spreadsheet by the way.

Walter Schulz


What I thought too.
I tried your registers and could expand to 5796x160 on the 100D. height numbers totally off but verttical seems cool. Need to do some more testing. Fps 6.5 as described in your sheet.


Wow, Danne and Nikfreak!  What a remarkable expert tandem!  This is a breath taking development that you guys are working on!

Quote from: Danne on June 12, 2018, 11:11:27 PM
We really need lossless 10/12bit. Was it a couple of thousands register to search? Maybe set up a lua script going through them all? How, what to look for?
Since these registers seems parallel too existing 2520x1072 we can't get real time live view either? Really mysterious stuff to me  :P
Have to get back on what would be considered good ratios and presets. It's good adtg practice either way.
It's continuous in 15 fps at least  8)


When leaving for vacation I was agonizing about which camera to take with me:

1) The 100D with its superb feature set, ease of use, stability, overclocked SD interface but vertical resolution limited to 1072 pixels or

2) The 7D with its old December 1, 2016 build, poor stability, lack of correct framing during filming BUT 1200 pixels vertical resolution.

Finally, I decided to take the 7D with me and I am happy to say that I made the right decision.  I film at 2520x1200 resolution all the time now and have to say that the 128 pixels larger vertical resolution, compared to the 100D, really makes a big difference in the vision of the recorded clips.  I don't like my clips to look like ribbons and occupy just half of my 16:9 screen.  Something close to 16:9 looks so much better on the screen. 

Now I see that you have succeeded in achieving continuous recording at 2904x1248 resolution and 24 fps.  This vertical resolution is fantastic already!  If you could achieve and hardcode 2520x1248 (2,02:1) or even 2209x1248 (16:9) with 10/12-bit lossless compression and SD-overclocking, yielding 5-12 s recording times at 24 fps, that would be GOLDEN!  Also, a hardcoded continuous full-sensor-size recording at 1 to 3 fps at 14-bit lossless in a MLV container for smooth, (with no dead time between frames), timelapses would be PLATINUM!  I don't think that hunting for more ratios than that or trying to further overclock the interface at the cost of reduced stability would make much sense, at least for now.

I wish, my good old 7D had the current functionality of the 100D.  Video quality on the 7D at 2520x1200 resolution and 12-bit uncompressed is absolutely gorgeous!

Keeping my thumbs pressed for you guys to succeed!