Bilal's crop_rec_4k experiments for 650D / T4i

Started by theBilalFakhouri, September 21, 2020, 09:56:22 AM

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Dear Bilal!
Yes, I use my camera at home and only shoot videos, sometimes photos.
I want to try your build, do I understand correctly that without the card overclocking module I will not be able to shoot RAW continuously?
Can you give me a link where is the best and the best module that will not break my SD card :-)?
What lenses do you use for crop mode so that the angle is not narrow?
As always, very grateful for your answers! Thank you!

Уважаемый Билал!
Да, я использую камеру для дома и только снимаю видео, иногда фото.
Хочу попробовать вашу сборку, я правильно понимаю что без модуля разгона карты я не смогу снимать RAW непрерывно?
Может дадите ссылку где самый лучший и хороший модуль который не сломает мне карту SD:-)?
А какие обьективы вы используете для crop режима, что бы не узкий был угол?
Как всегда очень благодарен за ваши ответы! Спасибо!
Canon 650D, 18-55mm IS , 50mm 1,8, 24 STM. SanDisk Extreme Pro 90Mb/s.


Hello again!

You can shoot RAW video continuously in normal 1080p mode without the SD Overclock (at 14-bitdepth or lower in lossless compression), but if you want to use crop_rec module (Crop mode) which has 1x3 presets and others which require high write speed, you will need to enable SD Overclocking to get continuous RAW recording, you can install my build and start experimenting with RAW video recording in normal 1080p mode then maybe try crop modes, without the SD Overclock to get an idea about what you will get.

Current state of SD Overclocking module is experimental (in all builds), and could be dangerous for SD Cards also for the card reader in camera, currently there is no way to use SD Overclocking safely, as I said it's experimental, don't use if you can't deal with data loss, or burned card!

However, only few cases have been reported for a broken SD card when SD overclocking was used (2 or 3 people), most people didn't have any problem with SD Overclocking, and they are using it everyday, this isn't an advice or a guarantee, just saying. You can start without SD Overclocking and you should be fine, if you want to use SD Overclocking again, use at your own risk!

For the lenses, I mostly use the Canon kit lens 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 STM, also I have 10-18mm 4.5-5.6 STM lens, fortunately 1x3 modes doesn't have too much crop, so the 18mm focal length might work fine for you.

In 1:1 crop modes, I mostly would prefer the 10mm focal length, in the end that's all depending on what kind of shot you want.

Also, if decided to use my build, please read all the instructions carefully in first post of that thread, feel free to ask questions.

You're welcome!


Dear 650D / T5i users,

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