Canon EOS M6 Mark II

Started by ShootMeAlready, September 17, 2019, 02:27:28 PM

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And now for something completely different

If you read the specs on the new M6 mk2, you might have noticed it does not shoot 24p, only 60p & 120p.

Its one of those situations where you want to hack it even before it hits the market! Is sooo bad of Canon.

And now we can resume our regular programming.
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Quote from: ShootMeAlready on September 17, 2019, 02:27:28 PM
If you read the specs on the new M6 mk2, you might have noticed it does not shoot 24p, only 60p & 120p.

Walter Schulz

Link to Advanced User Guide
page 245
Movie Recording Quality
Frame Rate (fps: frame per second)
119.88fps 59.94fps  29.97fps
For areas where the TV system is NTSC (North America, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, etc.).

100.00fps 50.00fps 25.00fps
For areas where the TV system is PAL (Europe, Russia, China, Australia, etc.).



I'm documenting the CR3 format at, and I need samples of some camera, could you please help me ?

For example, I need examples of 'raw-burst-mode' CR3 from the M6 Mark II.
It will contains several pictures in a single file with name will with "CSI_" and ending with ".CR3".
FYI, you can edit such "roll" (sequence of files) in DPP.

Could you please send me 1 or 2 files of this kind with Dropbox or similar ?

Kind regards,


Quote from: lorenzo353 on September 19, 2019, 06:13:22 PM
I'm documenting the CR3 format at

@lorenzo353 Great job! I used your documentation to add (partial) CR3 support to metadata-extractor-dotnet (and consecutively, to the upcoming version of CHIMP, the Windows-only installer that nobody seems to be using for ML).

Now, suppose ML added the M6 Mark II as a supported camera. What would be the name of the build? EOSM6_2?

LittleBig M

 5.1K 30P 12bit RAW Video
The Canon M6 ii can shoot 30 5.1K  5184x3456. 12-bit RAW images per second in burst mode up to 3.5 seconds (with AF!) with just a tiny crop internal
from  markr041 channel


Hey. I bought the M6 ​​mkII in October, this is a very good camera, I would like to put ML on it. Ready to make a donut. I use it mainly for 4k videos. if possible, contact me.


I have a 700D and just ordered the M6 Mark II Kit with viewfinder because it was cheap as second hand in amazon. Ten or more days untils arrives. I was so close to buying the 90D, time will tell if I am wrong.

(Only body 90D)

(M6 Mk2 Body + Viewfinder + 15-45mm ef-m) refurbished
+ 128sdcard uhs2 v90 refurbished
+ smallrig cage
+ viltros ef-efm adpater
+2 extra bateries and charger
+quick release

I know ML doesn't work on digic8 any time soon, in fact I'm not sure if this port should be done by chdk but to be honest, with already clean hdmi, 24fps by original firmware and... posibly a way to achieve extended exposure bracketing thorugh android I think it still has possibilities. I hope as years come by that any community find a way record RAW or do something cool but until then I'll be playing with finally a mirrorless camera (so long wait for it).
My budget is not great, but after much looking and researching I think this is a great combo.


Can you use ML for this camera? I have it in my 60D. And will it bypass the 30 shutoff?


Hello. I have the M6 II and I would like to have 4K Cinemascope 3840X1645, do you know if there is an update to make that format?