raw2dng.app 0.13 Osx GUI development, bugs and updates

Started by scrax, May 19, 2013, 03:15:09 PM

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Mlv files are not supported. Try MLP or MLVFS or some other converter.


Thanks fotorojas,

I used your solution and it helped me as well! ;D


I've dropped a RAW file onto the raw2dng icon and I've got a .mov file and a folder with dng files in except the dng files look like so:

I havent had any luck still with this app?

The images are meant to be more blue and of things like a table should be visible? But as you can see its a pink haze, and very low resolution.

What is wrong with the file how can I get accesses to the images? Can someone please help

Many Many thanks!


Walter Schulz

You may want to test your footage with some not-so-outdated application ...
Take a look into the sticky threads...