Strange files on card?

Started by daverf1, August 03, 2012, 02:47:52 AM

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I was wondering about these files that get recorded on my card instead of pictures when using the intervalometer or remote LCD sensor trigger. The files are named like 6289541.422 and are about 1.5 meg or so in size. It's the latest version of ML on a 5D mk2. Everything else works fine. Any ideas?


the .422 files are images. you probably have the silent picture feature active. with that feature you can shot without moving the shutter mechanism, something like doing a screenshot of you live view. And thos screenshots are .422 files.
Here is some infos about silent picture, .422 files and the way to convert it in jpg.
Anyway, i suggest to read all the userguide, because is a very well done document, and give you a great panoramic of the features of ML
cheers :)

ps for developers: i miss that funny slit scan feature (i've done only 3 in my life, but was a funny effect, i vote for a reproposition of it, in a future version of ml with a new spacefriendly interface ;)))
always trying to use the 100% of magic lantern..
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Thanks much. Found a converter and it works great. Must have missed about the feature in the user guide, there is a lot there!