string of ml menù disappear

Started by shiny, August 01, 2012, 11:06:00 PM

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after i have changeng the lv display from movie mode to photo without exp.simulation
when i return in magic lantern menù under "exposure", the lv display setting disappear.
i cannot seen and find it so i cannot change again to movie  mode.
what i have to do to see again the lv display setting in ml menu?


You probably hit the canon "Menu" button while in that portion of the ML menu.  The canon menu button allows you to toggle off and on various ML menu functions to reduce clutter.  Go back to the submenu you were at, hit the canon menu button, the background display should change from blue to red, the option you were missing should now be visible but greyed out lettering, toggle it to white lettering and then exit.  This should bring it back.

I had the same thing happen to me with another ML menu option and was chastised for not reading the user guide. 


yes,the problem was that.
thank you very much for the tip :)