Author Topic: Sticky Half Press video recording Canon T5i / 700D for 30+ minute HDMI recording  (Read 1042 times)


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I recently have been trying to figure out how to get more out of my DSLR for video recording / livestreaming and I came across magic lantern.

After doing a bit of searching (I'm sorry if the answer is out there and I missed it) I've been unable to find out how to get my Canon t5i / 700D to maintain it's liveview for more than 30 minutes.

From what I've searched I need to install magic lantern (done), turn on clear overlays (done, using nightly build downloaded on 1/17/2017), and then go to prefs>misc settings and then turn on Sticky Half Press in order to override the live view from trying to turn off. Prooooblem is that I don't have that option.

Upon more searching I found that it's marked as "glitchy" for the t5i for some reason? Has that been resolved? or can I manually make it unglitchy to I can use it?

I've been able to make recordings keep going beyond 30 minutes with a program called sparkocam, but I'm using USB and the frame rate isn't as smooth as using my el gato capture card, and there ends up being a 1 second stutter/lag every 30 minutes when the shutter closes and re opens itself.

Anyhoo, if you guys need anymore information, please let me know and I'll provide what I can. Again, sorry if I missed the answer somewhere.

EDIT: I have a good enough solution for the recordings, but the problem of the no sticky half press for the t5i/700D still stands

My solution to making sure I get an unlimited DSLR recording is that I use Sparkocam in conjunction with my capture card (El Gato Pro) and OBS. The problem I was having was that after 30 minutes the live view would just turn off on my capture card, regardless of having the auto offs disabled. And Magic Lantern doesn't have the tool capable of fixing it for the t5i in particular for some reason.

The way it's fixed is that i have Sparkocam plugged in via USB and I also have the camera plugged into my capture card via mini HDMI. Sparkocam has a feature that resets the Live view every 25 minutes without completely disabling it, and it shows no resetting overlay within the live view. The end result is a frame that is missed, it's hardly noticeable especially for my situation which is livestreaming on sites like YouTube / Twitch. I didn't have that feature enabled before. For those curious the feature is literally titled "Reset live view every 25 minutes"

So essentially Sparkocam runs in the background with the live view resetter, and then I capture the source from the DSLR using my capture card, since that provides a much smoother frame rate than Sparkocam does.

Anyhoo, cheers! I'll be checking the thread from time to time to answer any questions.


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Your solution really came to me ! I use my 700D cameras for streaming to youtube and this is a nasty problem, since the guys didnĀ“t find a solution. Your Sparkocam solution is indeed interesting, and I will try and post the results later. Thank you for sharing this nice and useful tip with us.

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This sounds similar to what had to be done to keep the EOSM LiveView active for a wildlife camera trap project.

There is probably a way to do this that won't cause the overlays to record when the timer triggers a half-shutter press.
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