DryOs vs MSDOS vs Android OS vs IOS

Started by vijaymukhi712, August 03, 2012, 08:04:14 AM

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If we had to compare Canon's DryOS with MsDOS or the Android OS or IOS what would the comparison look like or are Android and IOS far to advanced to be compared with DryOS which is more MsDOS.
Is is possible to run the Android OS on a Digic 5 + processor or does the DIGIC 5 + not have the horsepower to run a real OS.
Is the processor the reason why no camera runs on Android or Windows 8 or is it battery life.
Would the code that amplifies ISO, computes white balance, figures out focus, converts the raw image into a jpeg etc be too slow to run on processors used in  mobile phones  or does all this code need to be hardwired for speed.