Author Topic: "Cinematic Montages" Shot on Canon 70D 100% RAW  (Read 1410 times)


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"Cinematic Montages" Shot on Canon 70D 100% RAW
« on: December 30, 2016, 06:36:11 PM »
I have been making these videos that I call "Cinematic Montages", they are really just for my benefit; learning how to color RAW video, but now I feel worthy to share them with the Pro ML users.

This playlist has all of them in it, they get worse as they get older, but I am quite proud of the more recent ones.

If you guys have any feedback on color, music choice, or workflow; Just comment and I would be glad to tell!
Also anything regarding camera settings F Stop, T Stop, Shutter, etc. Just drop a comment.

Subscribe to my Youtube if you like what you see, I am trying to build a channel and everything helps!

-Ed Pollei