EF 1.8 - minimum aperture F2.0 & shutter value

Started by NOOK360, July 24, 2012, 01:40:34 PM

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On my EF 1.8, the minimum aperture I can set through ML is F2.0. Also, what would be a recommended shutter value for shooting 1080p/24?
I remember I set this to 1/48, 180 degrees as recommended in many tutorials in ML 2.2.

Thanks for any advice!


It's a small bug - Canon rounds and confirms the aperture values in a very strange way. You can set the aperture with Canon method - ML controls are only intended for exposure override mode, where you can get finer steps.

The shutter advice remains valid.



"The shutter advice remains valid." Do you mean that's still the recommended setting? If so, I cannot set the shutter to 1/48, 180 degrees in ML 2.3 ...

Edit: 1/46.9, 183 degrees and 1/42.2, 203 degrees are the closest i can set.


I don't see any problem with this - see the user guide.


Shutter speed is entirely to taste. 1/60 is often used for 30fps to look 'filmic', same as 1/48 for 24fps. Higher shutter speeds give a more digital look, like reality TV is shot with shutter speed 1/120 for 30fps or 1/96 for 24fps (I think. I live in PAL land where we shoot exclusively 24 or 25 fps).

Because I shoot at 25fps I think 1/50 is 'film speed', 1/100 or 1/120 is 'TV' and any faster is unnecessary. Slower shutter speeds in video are for effect only. They look weird.


Yeah, I couldn't select 1/48 for the 24fps but only 1/46.9. Anyway to select 1/48 in the latest version?


Unfortunately it doesn't seem like ML's shutterspeed options are affected by frame rate at all. You are stuck to 1/48, 1/63, 1/88 and 1/96 which are the more accurate readings from Canon's 50, 60, 80 and 100. It is a good thing that DSLR footage doesn't really meet TV specs because for TV 'close enough' isn't close at all.

Is there a way of getting more accurate shutter speed control with ML, or are we bound to canon's shutter speeds?


I just realised that you were wanting to select 1/48 and i told you that 1/48 is one of the options. Maybe you don't have it if you're on NTSC, but my camera only has 24p and 25p so my available shutter speeds are as already stated.