Magenta highlights / 5D2

Started by samuli, December 06, 2016, 07:08:46 PM

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Dear ML community,

First post here ever.  Since some of you will probably see immediately what's up with my frames, thought I might just as well ask and try to save a lot of my time.

My problem is magenta/pink in the highlights.  Is this a black level issue (to be fixed with the Exif tool), or should I try adjusting the color temperature? Or something else?

Frame 1 - Half of the leaves all magenta on the upside.

Frame 2 - Pink sky.

Frame 3 - Reflections on the left part of the frame. Same pink/purple again, this time also some green cast in part of the highlights.

It seems to get worse when underexposing.

5D2, May 2014 build.  Did update to a recent build yesterday, and don't seem to be getting same issues anymore.   But would love to save my old footage.

Best,  Samuli