Field monitor Canon 6D HDMI

Started by TheHulk, August 24, 2016, 01:47:13 PM

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I am about to buy a external monitor for my 6D camera. I want to use the HDMI output.

The external monitor will be used only for still photography in Live View and not for any video.

I have checked a couple of reviews of external monitors on Youtube. I have only found reviews where they are doing video not still photo though. When they are showing the Canon 6D in Live View the output view on the external monitor is getting smaller and not fill the entire monitor. It got grey/black bars on all sides but when they turn to playback mode and showing the recorded video the bars up and down dissapers and only bars left and right shows.

I am a bit confused. As I am only going to shoot stills I am always going into LiveView mode. Does this mean I have to deal with a smaller output signal than full HD 1080p that not fills the enitre monitor?

If so, is it possible to get a full HD signal to fill the entire monitor with no bars up and down? Something could be done with ML?