LV washed out - all white

Started by imagecatcher, July 29, 2012, 08:40:21 AM

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Last night I tried timelapse with Silent pic but walked away not realising it would take shots using the +7 EV gain I had it set to - pink  (doh obvious!) needless to say that was a waste. Today I went to take some pics and even after reverting the display gain to 0 and turning all the bits I can think of to defaults the screen is washed out like its on ISO billion! When I take a shot and playback it plays fine but in LV mode no good. Raw temp is 181???
What have I got set incorrectly??? I really dont like running the screen like this for long.

Stupid! but rather than delete so that others may learn.  I had movie > FPS set to 1 instead of 50etc