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Started by Goonism101, July 27, 2016, 04:44:28 AM

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@Alex I've been lurking these forums a while now. I've been waiting for some 7d Mark ii love and you guys are making progress with that (so thank you). However I also own a 750d. I wouldn't mind helping if it isn't too complicated. So let me know if you still need a volunteer for that. Thanks to all of you that put in this work for so many others.


Thanks Goonism101 and Austin Tsai.


I just stumbled upon this post, while browsing for some software tricks for my 750D. Having ML in my dslr would be a great thing, so I wonder how's the progress of implementing it in this model.
I could also help with testing and 'no-coding' related problems. Cheers. (:

Walter Schulz

Just a reminder to whom it may concern: If you want to make things work you have to do something.

Quote from: a1ex on August 10, 2016, 03:35:22 AMFor 760D/750D [...] I have no feedback (I sent a few copies of the firmware dumper, but there was no response from the testers).

Sorry for double post!



I'm also new here. I have a 750D and I can help maybe?

I have some skills in C#/C++ programming. But I never made a firmware like that. So I'm not sure where you need help and how I can help.

I also can test the Firmware if there are versions which are ready for testing. The only thing I need to know is, what I have to test ;)



Walter Schulz

At the moment a1ex is looking for feedback from testers using his fimware dumper. If you want to take part contact a1ex.



okey I've wrote him a PM. Thank you :)


Please find a ROM dumper for 750D that does not require additional hardware:


The dumper built from the same source code was confirmed to work on 80D, so be sure to read these details before trying it. If you manage to get it working, please send me a PM.



I got this:

Nothing changing after minutes.

I think my SD-Card is to big. I will try a smaller one.



Quote from: Roknix on August 20, 2016, 08:19:08 PM

I got this:

Nothing changing after minutes.

I think my SD-Card is to big. I will try a smaller one.

I have the same problem and I have a micro sd of 64GB. Have you resolved? Thanks

Walter Schulz

Try a smaller card. 64 GB might cause troubles.


Hello I can confirm it is working. I've used a 16 GB SD-Card.

Please find the following picture:

Just let me know if you need more help.

Greez Rok


Have been using ML on my own 600d for a while now. Bought a 750d for work (I work at a university magazine) and was expecting ML to work on that too since the models are so similar. I see now that it's not as easy as I thought, so I'd like to help out to make it happen. Bit of an amateur programmer and comfortable , so maybe I can help out if somebody points me in the right direction. Testing for example.
Canon 600d / 750d


I would like to help but I have about zero programming knowledge, but I know I can somehow be useful!
Please, point me in the right direction and I'll do my best.


Like others I stumbled into this when I upgraded from a T3i to the t6i and found out ML wasn't available. 

I did the load referenced in an earlier message and was able to get the same screen about removing the battery.  Of course, it didn't mean much to me other than to whet the appetite. 

How can I help? I'm perfectly willing to run tests whenever needed.


I am also willing to help. I am pretty familiar with embedded programming and own a 750D.

Walter Schulz


I've Upgraded from my 500D to 750D on Black Friday.
I'm looking Forward to the development done here.
If some Testing is needed i Can help out.


Okay guys,
I tried to put ML on my 750D, and the first step is working (launch the .FIR on an SD Card and see it working on the screen) but then, a1ex told me to run it in QEMU and to reverse engineer the ROM.
I absolutely don't know anything about Linux, so I give it to one of my friends which tried to launch the script (the one of a1ex on this topic : but he didn't managed it :/
So, if anyone could help ^^'

Thanks  :)

PS : Sorry if there's some English mistakes, I'm French :s


I bought the T6i about 2 months ago, and i'm looking for ML.
I wanna know in which stage are you guys on, and if I could help even though I don't know anything about programming.
If there's any update/progress/super-early version, can you send me with the instructions about how to install?
Thanks to you all, and sorry for the bad english(I'm Brazilian)


I have recently upgraded to a 750d and am interested in participating in testing.


Hello ML community. I got a brand new T6i for Christmas. You can count on my help for testing and minor debugging.
I had the chance to play with ML on an older camera model, it was awesome. Thanks for the tremendous work.


Hi all, I would like to help with getting ml to run on the 750d.
I ran the rom dumper on my camera, and this is the result.
six files were written to the sd card, but i've no idea what to do with them.
A guide for old folk would be handy.

canon 750d / lenses /canon 18-55 standard zoom / helios m44 58mm f2 / super takumar 135mm f3.5


I would be willing to help test.  Please let me know what in particular you would like help testing. Or is this just general bug finding at the moment?


A generous user just offered to give a T6i (750D) to the ML community. The camera is currently in US, but can be sent to Europe as well.

If you are interested, please prove your skills by showing the firmware running in QEMU (loading autoexec.bin and starting your own task alongside Canon's). This step was already done for 80D. All the files required to complete this task are public, assuming you can borrow this camera from a friend to get a ROM dump.

There's no need to show the GUI, but you'll get massive credits if you manage to do that.