Magic Lantern won't install on 60D

Started by Thomas-B-Wolf, April 29, 2016, 11:14:11 PM

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Apologies if this is being posted in the wrong section, not sure if it is a bug a maybe a problem with my card.

Let me just break down the issue here - I had a copy of magic lantern from 2014 installed on a 32gb sandisk class 10 card for the longest time, and it was just recently that I had to format the card. I guess I must have pulled it out before ejecting it on accident, because the card was not readable to the computer. So I formatted it from the computer and then stuck it in the camera and gave it a low level format. I then proceeded to the magic lantern home page, downloaded the latest nightly build for the 60D. Got the files, and stuck em on the sd card, and then stuck the card right back into the camera. Booted up the camera and I see text that says something along the lines of "card cannot be accessed" can't do the firmware update option either - Don't know why. The card is not messed up, and neither is the camera - the card is still usable if you format it again. But it's beyond me why it wont recognize the card right when I have the ml files on there. I've done the necessary steps to install it, but apparently I must be doing something wrong? Any suggestions?