canon 700D hangs on startup, and LCD doesnt goes off until battery removal!

Started by shb92, April 12, 2016, 08:15:13 AM

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I have used ML for my canon 700D for almost half a year! oneday I get my camera and go for shooting, but on spot I suddenly found that my camera LCD is freezed and no button functions, even power button! After removing and reinstalling the battery it started again but as i pressed the shutter it freezed again and the red led light remained on. The I decided to uninstall the ML from the SD card.

1. I have followed all the news found in the forum to uninstall and remove bootflag from my card. But the problem is still on!
2. I have reistalled the canon firware for 700d 1.1.3 but doesn't help, after properly functioning for a minutes or two it goes back to freeze    LCD
3. I have tried other SD cards: at the begining it seems to help but after a while the same problem.

i am helpless. I need a solution badly!

I mostly used the bulbtimer and intervelometer thats all, harly once or twice played the arkanoid game or something!

please guys help me! this is my only camera and I'm missing it!