ACR VisionLog Camera Profile

Started by newsense, March 01, 2016, 07:31:24 AM

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Damn nice work boys! [emoji6]

Mind sharing that particular MLV file or at least a CR2 @newsense?
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Walter Schulz

MLV is linked in reply #32

EDIT: I'm out here, I'm pleading incompetence! We have an issue for sure and I think g3gg0, dmilligan, Danne, Andy600 ... will come up with a solution for all Rebel/Kiss users.


PROP_CAM_MODEL returns the localized camera model. I was already somewhat aware of this, but I had not considered the implications.

I don't like the idea of some hardcoded table of camera names in MLVFS and other converters. The MLV format specification doesn't really go into detail about what is meant by "Camera Name", but there is only one field, so there's no possibility of recording both the localized and unique camera model names without changing the spec.


I am trying to change the exif with exiftool to see if that can work as a temp solution but the script that danne shared doesn't work for me. Anyone know how I can change the exif? I'm using MLVFS to get .dng's


MLVFS dngs are "virtual", you can't change them unless you copy them out of the virtual filesystem thus turning them into real files.

Walter Schulz

And the script provided by Danne is for OS X, not Windows.
After copying them to them to a "real" directory, follow this:
Open Explorer, mark the directory where your DNGs are located (and for easy use: Copy Exiftool.exe there). Press shift key and open context menu while pressed. Select "Open Command Prompt here ...".
You will see a command line interface.
Put command in there
exiftool "-UniqueCameraModel=Canon EOS 650D" -overwrite_original *.DNG
and press enter key.


Thanks, I got a lot of profiles now :) I'll figure out howto make a script.


One quick question, video seems a little noisy. Is it recommended to reduce noise in ACR or use a third party denoiser after ACR?


I have a problem with VisionLog Camera Profile:
- when I open the .dng files with Adobe Camera Raw (7.0) through Photoshop C6 I can choose Visionlog
- but when I open the .dng files in Adobe AE CC 2015 I can not see Visionlog in the menu of Adobe Camera Raw (9.6.1)
It may depend by the different version of Adobe Camera Raw ?
Thank you