5D3: ML Overlay's causing Pink Frames

Started by Kharak, February 19, 2016, 08:44:09 PM

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Making a new thread about this bug, even though I got this info from this thread: http://magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=16542.msg161192#msg161192 By johansebastianbach.
So thank you very much Johansebastianbach for putting this out there, it feels very good finally getting rid of Pink Frames.

So to make things more clear I make a new thread focused on the issue and I hope someone of the Developers could take a look in to this.

I have been having pink frames more or less since about March 28th 2015 (If I recall correctly). I say March last year, because I think that was when the DoF info was added to ML builds, which is an amazing addition, but since then I have been struggling a lot with Pink Frames. But this is just a feeling I have about it, that DoF with ML overlays is somehow overloading the CPU and causing the Pink Frames, I am no expert, this is just a hunch I got.

More or less every single MLV file was having Pink frames randomly. At first I thought the cause of it was the raw_twk module, so I deactivated the module and told myself that the pink frames got better, but in hindsight I see it did not affect anything, Which is very good news! I will make another thread about raw_twk so this thread doesn't go in two directions if people start discussing here a lot.

After Reading the post I linked, I tried deactivating the Overlay Focus Peaking and since then I have not had any pink frames. So it is definitely a cause of the Pink Frames.

Someone suggests Raw Zebras also cause the Pink Frames, I am not sure about that, I always have Raw Zebras off while Recording, because I find them distracting while recording.

So what is the problem you might ask? Well for me personally I love the ML Focus Peaking and after almost 2 weeks now without the Focus Peaking, I see how difficult I have with Nailing the focus, especially when I need to be quick. ML Focus Peaking Together with Digic Peaking and (7+) Sharpness is divine help for nailing focus. And I am bit at a loss now.

So I am basically just asking someone with Coding skills to take a look in to this, sorry for making a long lifestory out of it, but its the best way for me to recall stuff, I don't have a good memory.
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