Do you ever break the 180º rule?

Started by emphram, December 11, 2015, 08:12:41 AM

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I'm curious, and since I don't have a lot of people around here to discuss things with, I want to know: Do you ever break the 180º rule when shooting video on a DSLR? Are there cases when you choose a lower or higher shutter speed than twice the FPS (other than shooting stuff for twixtor)? If yes, what are they?


"Rules are made for breaking"

The point of 180 degree shutter is the natural motion blur, simulated much to what your eyes see in movement.

But you are filming or shooting something, so it is totally interpretable to you how you make a scene. Higher shutter will give sharper images and then there are loooads of different artistic uses of higher or lower shutter in Motion Picture films, I don't have time to write and I don't fully understand all its aspects either. But as everything with filming, its a one of many tools for you to interpret.

Personally I more or less stick to 180 degree rule, as a rule of thump.. But I have no problem breaking it if the situation requires it. 1/96 makes a sharp image with some motion blur and minimal shutter ghosting. For extreme low light 1/24 will push that extra light in to the scene.

Or running and gunning and I forgot my ND at home, I crank that shutter up if needed.

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Our eyes are used to it, because film cinema mostly is 180* tough it seams to change, younger generation seam to see it as to blurry.

But you can use that for you benefit - less than 180 makes it stresful, up tempo, thus good for high dynamics, fight scenes, sports, more than 180 makes it romantic, nostalgic, dreamy.

You can especially feel than when making time lapses, where often you have trouble following the rule. In general - it is a neutral result, rest is a creative choices.

I personally dislike HFR and TV interlaced except for sport live, there is benefit. Otherwise it kills movie magic.
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I believe and hope that within a few years from now, we will not be limited to locked FPS but instead we will have variable fps, where a film can change fps from one scene to another or even fps ramp up/down to 60 or 120 for that matter..

I see so many possibilities of how this could emerge people in to a story or a sequence.

but don't forget, people dream in 24 fps ;)

And I also hate HFR and Interlaced... Makes my stomach turn. But in variable, I see many possibilities.
once you go raw you never go back


When low light performance and good looking motion are equally important I've found things look acceptable up to 225°, for example 1/38 at 24fps.
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Of course. Break the limit, and the rule.
Idea is most important.