Author Topic: a new timelapses feature for changing interval dynamically  (Read 3040 times)


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a new timelapses feature for changing interval dynamically
« on: July 24, 2012, 11:12:37 PM »
Hi all,
i don't know if it a topic already spoked about somewhere in the forum, or if it is a "not so simple" or "not so useful" idea, but i'de like to see new features about timelapses.
For example should be fantastic to select an interval for the start and one for the end. For example, i want shot 100 frames, starting at 10seconds interval and arriving to 1 second interval at the end. So you can do something like acceleration/deceleration in timelapses. Or for example combined with bulbramp you can start a sunset with a 10seconds interval, and when the night becomes the interval increase to 1 minute, so the iso could stay low.
This is the concept. then in my mind i've gone further, i think of a sort of xy graphic with the frames on the x and the interval on the y. And the user can add point in this xy. every point has 2 values, the frame and the interval. So, let's say, one can decide to put an accelleration on start, then a straight framerate for a while, and the finishing slow down.. would be amazing :)
And, should be amazing to apply some mathematical formulas too, i don't know what, something like some spline behaviours. so a slow start, and acceleration and a slow down on the end. And for example letting to the user the coiche of how much "easing" there's.
but ok, this is fantasy, but setting the start interval and the end interval should be enough amazing too ;))))
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