The Assembly - 5D3 ML RAW

Started by Ali Oliya, October 29, 2015, 11:34:53 AM

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Ali Oliya

Shot on Canon 5D3 with Magic Lantern Raw (1920 x 1280)
Lens and Gears: EF 24-105L f4, EF 50 f1.4, small dolly skater, 1* ED 336 , 2* 1000W Tungsten with 60 x 90 soft box, SanDisk 64Gb 160m/s
Mounted *.MLV files using MLVFS in windows. DNG files processed in After Effects using ACR and VisionLog then exported as DNxHD 10bit . Imported in Premiere for Edit and Color Graded with Osiris LUTs.
For Camera Tracking and match moving i used PFTrack and After Effects. Then imported AE comps into PP using Adobe Dynamic Link.


Nice video Ali. I like the graphic text animation.


Thanks for sharing us your final work, @Ali Oliya and it's rather impressive! [emoji4]
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Ali Oliya

@YannickD Thank you

@DeafEyeJedi  Thanks bro, glad you liked.