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Started by nikfreak, October 19, 2015, 10:41:29 PM

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Hi everyone! Thanks devs for their great works! I've got a manual lens (Opteka 85 f/1.8, which is simply AWESOME for 100$ price) and I'm combining it with EF-S lenses in live view mode. Using Edge+Chroma focus peaking is nice, and allows me to snap pictures in manual focus easily, but it distracts greatly when framing with AF-capable lens. Here is what is propose: currently we have focus peaking turned OFF when shutter is half-pressed, I think inverting this is logical, we half-press shutter when we are focusing, and use color picture for framing/composing.

Thanks in advance :)


Quote from: wety67e on November 23, 2018, 11:13:46 AM

Does 1x3 Binning mode work in this build?

No but the 12-bit mv1080 script does a pretty decent job.  Check it out and provide some feedback here.


That script simply sets some parameters like iso and fps override to 24. It is still same old mv1080p that worked all along.


I have been experimenting with the 3k and 4k crop modes from the latest 100D build (Thanks Danne!), aiming at using these modes for smooth timelapse shooting al low frame rates (1 to 5 fps).  Due to the high resolution, this works very well, also with Dual ISO and at 10 and 12-bits too.

Unfortunately, there is a problem that makes these high-resolution modes hard to use in real-life conditions.  When setting a low frame rate, back button focusing becomes very slow and sluggish and focusing is a hit and miss - very unreliable, most shots are misfocused and you see that only after inspecting the files on the computer.  A working solution to the problem would be 10x-magnification and then using manual focus.  However the 10x preview is scrambled, (lots of pink lines on the screen and this makes focusing impossible).  If someone could give us a few hints on how to fix the scrambled 10x preview, I should greatly appreciate that.


Latest build here:

Grab latest build date starting with crop_rec_4k_mlv_snd_isogain_1x3_presets...


Added 9-12 bit from within Crop mode submenu.
Will add corrected white level and push liveview gain for better previewing:

Settings in Crop mode menu:

Bleeding edge...



Hello all,

After weeks of tedious code optimizations, (Thank you so much, Danne, for your hard expert work!), and countless hours of testing and providing feedback on my part, we finally have a new working experimental build (see #1505) that has all exciting new features recently suggested by our developers and knowledgeable users.  Our 100D-s feature now:

1) Stable SD card overclocking which makes it possible to achieve much longer recording times;

2) Up to 43 fps continuous recording at the regular 1736x976 3x3 resolution - idealy suited for moderate slow motion with high video quality;

3) 9-bit RAW video recording at all resolutions for further increasing recording times with negligible quality degradation;

4) Crop recording at various resolutions up to 4K;

5) 1x3 recording at 1736x1192 frame size, resulting in a final 1736x397 resolution with improved dynamic range (Dual ISO), less shadow noise and free of aliasing,  but unfortunately with a not very practical 4,37 aspect ratio.

6) Bright real-time WySiWyG preview with correct white balance - perfect for proper framing, metering and focusing.

Continuous recording with synchronous sound:
   - 1736x976 (3x3) at 43 fps and 8 ... 11 bit lossless
   - 1736x976 (3x3) at 30 fps and 14 bit lossless
   - 2520x1304 (1x1) at 24 fps and 9 bits
   - 3096x1320 (1x1) at 18 fps and 9 bits
   - 4056x2552 (1x1) at 7 fps and 9 bits, with sound disabled - perfect for smooth time lapses

Although this build is stable enough for real-life filming in various conditions, (events, landscape vidography, time lapses, etc.) it requires patience and some practise to get the job done.  Here are a few guidelines:

A.  Activate the Autorun option for SD-card overclocking for the camera to run this script on start up.  Turn camera on in photo mode, wait for it to initialize, run the script and patch the memory.  Watch the red light - when it stops blinking, it is ready and you can switch to video mode.

B.  In the regular 1736x976 (3x3) mode, change bit rate in the sub menu of the RAW video option.

C.  In the Crop mode, always leave the camera in the 14-bit lossless setting of the RAW video sub menu and change the desired bit rate from the Crop mode sub menu.

D.  Back-button focusing in the 2,5 crop mode is slower and a little tricky but it works at all bit rates, including 9 bits.  If camera struggles in low light, bump up the ISO by one or two stops to increase sensitivity and after acquiring focus, set ISO back to your desired setting.

E.  Back-button focusing in the 3k and 4K crop modes works only at 14-bit lossless.  If you are in one of the lower 9/10/12 bit settings, you may turn them off for focusing and then turn on your desired bit rate setting again.  Alternatively, use manual focusing with focus peaking active or, when working with wide angle lenses, set the lens at hiperfocal distance and turn AF off.  The DOF bar of Garry23:;topicseen#msg208984

might also be quite handy for precise focusing in these high-resolution modes.

F. If you experience some instability in one of the crop modes or when changing settings, press the Menu button twice.  If this does not solve the issue, turn camera off, turn it on in the foto mode again, wait for it to initialize, (see #A) and then continue working in the video mode.

Happy filming to all 100D enthusiasts and please do not forget to share your experience and findings with this build in this thread!  This will help us implement further improvements.

Unfortunately, the 10x-magnification preview in the 3k and 4k crop modes is scrambled and does not work.  This makes focusing extremely difficult and precise focus is kind of hit and miss.  One cannot tell if the clip is focused or not until the footage is inspected on the computer.  A working 10x-magnification preview would be very helpful for proper focusing at location.  If A1ex or some other knowledgeable developer could give us a few hints on how to resolve this issue, their help will be greatly appreciated.


Cool. Thanks for testing. At least someone still out there sharing good feedback.
Expert, na, I am more like a loose canon tester  :P but starting to grasp a little in crop_rec.c little by little.
9bit setting. Watch out for shadow areas. Not very much info in there but it's also nice to have some extra overhead when filming.


For those of you who wish to gain an impression about video quality at 9 bits, here is a 2,5K sample:

Postprocessing was entirely done with MLVApp v.1.3.  The above link will be active for 7 days.


Uploaded a new version containing:
24 fps:     
"3K 2936x1416"
Works in 24 fps

2936x1250 24fps
3K Cinematic 2.35:1
Not bad.

Upload here:


Yes, the 2320x1304 resolution works at 24 fps with fps override and I get continuous recording at 9 bits - just as this was the case with the Dec. 11 build.  The 2936x1416@24fps mode works also, with fps override turned OFF.  Unfortunately, at the practically interesting 2528x1416 (16:9) and the 2936x1250 (2,35:1) modes, it provides just about 25 to 30 frames recorded at 24fps and 8/9 bits LL which is to be expected.  These modes are perfectly useable at lower frame rates though.  I get CONTINUOUS recording at 18 fps, ISO1600 and 10-bit LL and not a single corrupt frame !!!  I can't believe, my 100D can do that.  Real nice improvement, Danne !  Thanks a lot.


Refeinements. New download:
"3K 3096x1320"
Works in 24 fps

Updated the link with following:
3000x1432 24fps:


Huge thanks to all involved! I can't wait to test it out.

Exciting stuff to see the 100D getting pushed further like this. :-)
100D -- ML v1.0.1


New upload in this post:

Added a 4k preset the same as for eosm:
4K 3x1 24fps

This preset also works with crop_rec submenu for 2.35:1. If not selected the preset runs in 16:9.
Watch all those wonderful focus pixels. In Mlv App of course.(dfort, listening ;)). Meanwhile, select chroma smooth 3x3 to clean footage.

Have fun @IDA_ML :)



Quote from: Danne on January 04, 2019, 12:45:31 PM
Added a 4k preset the same as for eosm:
4K 3x1 24fps
This preset also works with crop_rec submenu for 2.35:1. If not selected the preset runs in 16:9.

Wow, is this 4K 16:9 24fps with audio and continuous recording?
Are the focus pixels the only show-stoppers now?
(Note to self: Should I get this camera now? Already have a 60D)

Walter Schulz

100D in mint condition is listed for around 165 Euros in Germany (Q1/19). Not that much money burnt ...


Quote from: tin2tin on January 05, 2019, 12:34:37 AM
Are the focus pixels the only show-stoppers now?

Not a show-stopper. We can deal with focus pixels.


Sounds great. So 4K 16:9 24fps with audio and continuous recording works?


Hello all,

Eager to check out Danne's latest "4K 3x1 24fps mode", I spent several hours testing it.

Good news:
It really is a game changer.  Works perfectly and is very stable too.  Even preview works quite nicely during recording which makes real-time framing possible.  MLVApp does a hell of a job with opening and processing the files - real fun to work with them.  Congratulations to Danne for this very welcome innovation !!!  4000x750 resolution at 10-bit lossless, 16:9 aspect ratio and 24 fps continuous recording with evenly lit and slightly underexposed (by 0,5 stops) scenes.  Works with Dual ISO too!

Bad news:
Image quality is not so good - no reason for euphoria here.  There are two serious problems:

I.  Strong aliasing.  Repetitive patterns really look ugly.  It has never been that bad.  There are also lots of color artefacts along high-contrast vertical edges and straight lines.

II.  Image seems to be noisier even on bright areas that are very close to overexposure.   Noise seems to be  always there and it seriously masks fine detail.  I always expose to the right, so there should be no reason for noise in areas with very high signal-to-noise ratio.   I also made a few shots in the normal 4K crop mode at 5 fps where resolution is very close.  In those videos there is no noise at all, no aliasing either but that is to be expected.  Please note that MLVApp cleans color noise very effectively with Chroma separation active.  Focus pixels do not seem to be the issue either.  Chroma Smooth at the 3x3 setting cleans them quite nicely.  It's the monochromatic noise that seems to be the trouble maker.

III.  Dual ISO eases slightly the aliasing and noise problem, especially in the dark areas.

Here are two shortened MLV files shot at ISO 100 and 400, respectively:

In the interior shot look at the chair in the bottom of the screen and along the contrast edges.  In the exterior shot, a lot of aliasing is seen along the horizontal straight lines of the buildings. 

If the image quality of the "4K 3x1 24fps mode" could be further improved, this mode would really be revolutionary.   If not, it shouldn't be used for filming scenes requiring ultimate image quality.  Filming such scenes in some of the other high-resolution crop modes (2,5k and 3k) with sudsequent upscaling to 4k in post will provide better image quality.


New build:

Changed the preset 2520x1304 to 2520x1418(16:9). It´s working with realtime preview in 24 fps.


New 5K build:

Added a 5K preset(squeezed), 5008x710 24 fps which makes a perfect 2.35:1 ratio. Record and open up in Mlv App.


   Can someone provide "Settings" info, My SL1 just Freezes when I attempt to do what I perceive to be the correct use of this -- Guessing It's something I'm doing wrong - Would really like to know what It is
ORR~DeanB  ~~  80D-ML  &  SL1+ML  &  5D2+ML  &  5DC+ML  &  70D+ML(AliveAgain)


Here is a version with a rearranged menu. x5 presets comes first , then the x1 movie modes. I also did some changes to info for each preset:

If something gets fishy or registers aren´t set properly the best work around is to hit the canon menu button and back and then enter x5 zoom or stay in regular x1 mode if that´s the case. Did not have the time to refine stuff for 100D lately...