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Started by nikfreak, October 19, 2015, 10:41:29 PM

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Hello, I'd like to submit you a strange bug. When I delete many pics or vids from my camera sometimes it completly freeze and I have to pull out the battery to reboot it. There is the google drive folder with all the crash logs

All the other customs functions are perfectly working, except for this bug. Thank you, good work


I had a number of crashes. I'm sorry that I don't have instructions for reproductions: it seemed to be sporadic. Would result in lockup requiring battery (and card?) removal. At one point a card seemed borked as well: I re-formatted it and it was ok.

It was a while ago, but IIRC it happened when fps override was enabled and I hit the button to zoom in to focus (or perhaps when I was then zooming back out.) It seemed possibly connected to having a bulb timer override set as well (>5m). ML raw video module was probably enabled. It's also possible that it had to do with the bad SD card; I reformatted and the problem seemed to stop, but that could have been coincidence or related to ML settings or whatever. (E.g. it may have happened with another card -- it's all so fuzzy now -- I'll take better notes next time for sure.)

Sorry this is so completely vague :-). I don't know if these crash logs are useful or not, but they are linked here in case they are at all useful. And of course if I ever manage to find a reliable reproduction I'll let you know.

The first few crash logs list:

ASSERT: pReturnData->Engine_Address != 0xFFFFFFFF
at ./LvCommon/LvGainController.c:810, task Evf
lv:1 mode:3

The last few list:

at ./LvCommon/LvGainController.c:806, task Evf
lv:1 mode:3
100D -- ML v1.0.1


Just let us know if you can replicate again and how to do so.
Btw: your link contains your ROM0/1 dumps. Please remove those.
[size=8pt]70D.112 & 100D.101[/size]


"Just let us know if you can replicate again and how to do so."

Will do.

"Btw: your link contains your ROM0/1 dumps. Please remove those."

Done, sorry, thought they might be useful.
100D -- ML v1.0.1


Great work on this build.
Something rather annoying is that there is no audio section is this a bug or is it not finished yet?

Walter Schulz

DiGiC 5 cams are very limited in this regard. See -> Audio
Load MLV_REC and MLV_SND to get Audio tab.


Find attached a test build with all the latest "goodies" from a1ex. It includes raw recording module supporting 10/12bit. I did some short recording. No problems with LCD freezing etc. Please use MLVFS for your testing with 10bit / 12bit. Follow the link below for the 10bit discussion / feedback.

Download link:

Discussion / Questions regarding 10bit / 12bit please only over here:

happy testing with this small beast!
[size=8pt]70D.112 & 100D.101[/size]


Thank you nik.

Will install this today ;)


Fantastic Happy 2017, Warning for bad settings, rep.popup flashing, great feature.


Thanks nikfreak! Still testing out the best settings for recording and post production but everything seems to work fine. 

I found a strange  minor bug though:
When selecting the Bit depth in the selection seems to work upside down, meaning, if i press the downward arrow, the selection goes up. Anyone else experiencing this?

Edit: Is the crop.rec module from a1ex integrated ?
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Nicola Cornolti

Hi, I was thinking of buying a 100D, I came to see if there was a compatible magic bullet firmware and I obviously came into this page

Well the question is why is this still in beta? Are there so many problems? Are there problems at all? I read the topic but didn't understand that much
Could reconsider the idea of buying that particular camera. Thank you really much


No need to reconsider. It works really well even while in Beta. Problems are minimal and soon to be ported into the Nightlies. Even recent test builds have 10/12-bit options and such. Best of luck to you @Nicola Cornolti!
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is it true that we are going to be ported in nightlies? Is it official?


60D.111 / 100D.101 / M2.103


I intended to use a lua script for non-cpu lens information from but understood that this would require some minor adjustments in the lua core. Would it be possible to merge these fixes into the next beta (and even coming nightly) for the 100D?

60D.111 / 100D.101 / M2.103


Added to experimental builds.

While you are at it, please run the stubs API test from the selftest module, from the latest lua_fix build.


100D with a 55-250 STM lens gets 7 FAILS - mainly wait_focus_status:

Log was taken with only enabled. It was my second try. My first try was with all modules enabled and that would even cause get_focus_confirmation() to fail constantly and short after writing the 2GB file it would cause an ERR70. I guess it has to do with lua but sorry didn't have the time to disable and retry one by one per module:

at ./Memory/Memory.c:188, task run_test
lv:0 mode:2

Magic Lantern version : lua_fix.2017Jan26.100D101
Mercurial changeset   : 83589122cbfb+25c196bce415+ (lua_fix) tip
Built on 2017-01-26 09:50:14 UTC by jenkins@nightly.
Free Memory  : 554K + 1171K
[size=8pt]70D.112 & 100D.101[/size]


Maybe lv_focus_status returns a different value during autofocus. The camera was set to autofocus on half-shutter, right?

If it has such a setting, would be nice to find what property controls it. Currently ML sets the custom function that moves the AF between half-shutter and *, but that might not be enough on all models.

Also, it looks like the PlayMain_handler stub is worth double-checking. It should be the value returned by get_current_dialog_handler() while reviewing an image.


camera has AF Operation settings being "one Shot", "AI Focus", "AI Servo".
Then there is the drive settings being single, continuous, timer....
Finally there's AE/AF lock CFn setting. Nothing more.

I now did three additional tries with

  • On first try changed the Drive sttings from continuous to single which resulted in the same amount of errors being logged

  • Second try was resetting both CFn as well as Camera settings to defaults resulting in the same as stated above.
  • Interestingly changing AF Operation afterwards from "One Shot" to "AI Servo" results in less errors. Please check the attachment and search within for FAIL. I can't understand why now the delta timers could fail although I am using the same experimental build with still only enabled. Additionally I want to add that is_pure_play_photo_mode passed on one of the three tries and my understanding is that the set+maindial shouldn't work if the playmain_handler stub would be wrong
[size=8pt]70D.112 & 100D.101[/size]


Pushed some fixes for both issues (AF and play mode test).

Timer errors can be ignored if they are random; probably the threshold is just too tight. Guess: more tasks in newer firmwares => less precise timing.


Tried the new build. FAILS raised to 15 but good news is they all are unique and new ones. Those reported earlier are gone:

Check also my comment on EOSM thread
[size=8pt]70D.112 & 100D.101[/size]


Is there any possibility to keep the "Q" key reacting as fast as like without ML ?

The 3s delay is a little annoying as the user interface of the 100D is relying heavily on this quick menu.

7D.203 100D.101




sorry for such a basic question, but I am super keen to start learning how to use my camera and to install Magic Lantern but my 100D seems to be missing the 4th Setup screen - the one which shows what Firmware you are running.....

Is there something obvious that I am missing ????

Help !!