600D Doesn't turn on with SD card in slot

Started by uniquoooo, January 14, 2015, 09:36:23 PM

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The camera turns on without card, but not with any cards. Tested with many, formated in the card reader. After when I have tried with card, I have to take battery off, that camera starts again without card. So maybe makes some error code, but I can't see it, because camera dosen't turn up.

Maybe the card slot is broken, don't know? Didn't see anything wrong with slot, but I don't know much about these.

Walter Schulz

Just to make sure: You have formatted them in cardreader? Try again, choose NTFS (or if on Mac: ExtFS/HFS) and insert into cam.
Cam should come up asking to format again. Do so.
For cards not working tell size/type.


Yes, formatted in the card reader. The last one with ExtFS, SanDisk sdhc 10, 16gb. Many cards tested, sdhc and sdxc, 4gb - 64gb.

The same, the camera dosen't turn up. Works normally without card.