Windows 10 + Magic Lantern Raw Video Tools

Started by reddeercity, August 07, 2015, 04:27:43 AM

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I Did some testing with PC ML Tools for raw video to see what extractor are working
properly on Windows 10.  I tested 4 different tools with different Version .

Raw2Cdng: Ver. 1.4.9
Raw2Cdng: Ver. 1.6.5
Raw2Cdng: Ver. 1.7.4

raw2cdng did not run in Win10 on the initial try, even right click run as "admin" did nothing . The program started up but could not
Import file, the drop & drag with "x" out. So to get it to run I had to right click on program and run the "windows compatibly" it did it thing
and choose to run it under "Win8" and then it fully work with out issue even ver.1.7.4 had no problem. I Tested Ver1.0 Raw & MLV ver2.0 with audio.
*Note* if you try and run it under Win7 compatibly you get a heavy green cast in the Cdng's.

MLRawViewer: Ver.1.3.3
MLRawViewer: Ver.1.3.4
MLRawViewer: Ver.1.4.3

Had not problem with MLRawViewer , just run off the .exe No right click and run as "admin" plus I exported on all three version to "DNG" & .Mov
Tested MLV ver2.0 & Raw ver1.0

MlVProducer: build 1101

MLVProducer Run flawlessly , did some adjustment ( by the way @AWPStar nice updates  ;) ) Exported to ProRes444 & H264-422 75Mb/s file.
I was getting 3.3FPS rendering to prores & 3.0FPS to H246 422 75MB/s. I thought that was a little slow but not to bad thou.
Now the only thing that is missing for that program is Exporting to "Cdng"
But one thing I notice was as I exported to h264 the file was playing while rendering , is there a key to turn off preview while rendering ?
Tested with MLV Ver.2.0


Run the windows compatibly programs , run under Win8 . Export to DNG+Wave from a MLV ver2.0 file.

*Note* The MLV Test was 1872x936 a spanning file , so 2 files for a total of 8GB from my 5D2
and the RAW test files was 1872x1250 about 1GB

My Test Computer is AMD FX 8350 Overclock to 4.9GHz, 8GB dual channel Ram, Dual GTX580 GPU's 3GB ram total, SSD for OS, Window 10 Pro
I originally had Windows7 Pro then I did the free Upgrade to Windows10 Pro , so all programs & driver followed over except my video driver
had to install them manually, after that no other issue or problems.


A note for at least MLRawViewer, for those who get the side-by-side-configuration error message you can make sure you have the right C++ installations by using the installer in this link

Thanks to Licaon_Kter for the tip.


Thanks a lot man! It is quite reassuring to know that! :)

andy kh

raw2cdng ver 1.7.4 works very well in my win 10
5D Mark III - 70D


raw2cdng 1.7.4 does not work for me out of the box. Did work in windows 8 compatibility mode though.


There is generally something wrong with win10.
With MLVProducer I`m getting:
- 3-4 fps H.264 encoding on my old Intel® Celeron® Processor SU2300 (1M Cache, 1.20 GHz) WIN7 laptop
- 14 FPS H.264 encoding on my new Intel® Core™ i7-4712HQ (6 MB Cache 3,3 GHz) WIN10 laptop



Why is more frames per second indicative of something "wrong?"


@xaled I get better performance on Windows 10 Pro then I ever did on Win7 Pro.
It all depends on the H264 Profile you are rendering , most of the profiles there are
4:2:2 4:4:4 @75 & 100 Mb/s. and I thinks there really no GPU acceleration support so you are encoding on just
CPU , which is slower & have to do more multitasking .
If you just what to view the file on a HDTV then choice H264 4:2:0 58Mb profile ,
also remember there is Disc I/O, read/write speed of the SSD speed (if you have a SSD installed that is) how much ram I stalled Etc....
so there many factors , just because you have a i7 cpu dose not mean you have fast computer/Laptop
It the Sum of all the Part and it only as strongest as your weakest link  ;)


It is not more frames that give me the wrong feeling :)
It is the fact that my crappy five years old laptop without ssd etc provides a quarter of performance of the new laptop with all the goodies.
It just does not feel right to pay five times more after five years and get only four times the performance and that is not even real time.

Other issue is that the fps does not even vary much depending on h.264 profile.

It appears to me that there is some bottleneck that is not the processor.

What fps numbers do you get?