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Auto Exposure Parameters
« on: July 21, 2015, 06:42:24 AM »
I am trying to test Auto Exposure for 70D alpha releases.

I started off trying to test Manual mode: ISO auto, and range 100-400.  I got the ISO range to not exceed the range, but I am confused about if it is working correctly???
Is there a guide or tutorial that walks me through each parameter???

I keep having to consider Tv + Av, as well as EC.
I would like to be able to turn these off one by one, and test each curve by itself against EC initially.  Can this be done ???

Its easier to test if I only verify one item at a time,
then add them back in to test as pairs: ISO+TV,  ISO+AV, then TV+AV,
Then test all three ISO+Tv+Av to verify they always fall within EC range.
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