Research in digital imaging and color spaces (>8bit) with Octave and Blender

Started by Scipione205, June 26, 2015, 06:33:18 PM

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I was thinking about collect as much infos as we could regarding the use of Octave for generating test patterns and process RAW files (also combining dual iso images in one single 16 bit linear or stuff like that).

I didn't used Octave for years since I had to studying Linear Algebra, so I'ma sking for help.

Regarding Blender, the node compositor wich supports Python scripts and OSL is very interesting for this kind of stuff; I already opened a discussion on blenderartists about that.

Any help regarding Octave? (getting started, examples, tutorials, etc.)


**EDIT June, 28th 2015**

I had a little chat with Alex, and he he gave me those two links:

for understand how to compile Octave for 16bpc processing.

The following link:

Contains test images, and also the octave sources.

For better understanding color spaces, color management, etc. , thanks to TJS from BlenderArtists: