Enabling raw_rec on T5i/700D

Started by Kumba, October 08, 2015, 09:55:27 AM

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I recently acquired a Canon T5i/700D and want to enable raw video recording to try some astrophotography, but I cannot find out how to enable the stupid feature.  I've looked everywhere in the ML menu, but I am not seeing "raw_rec" in the "modules" tab (four squares arranged like a '+', right?).  I have raw_rec.mo in the modules folder on the SD Card.  Am I missing something?  Currently running "Nightly.2015Oct01.700D114".  The only entries in that tab column are "FollowFo", "FEndPo <truncated>", "RackFoc", "FStackin", "FSetting", "DOFSett", and "FPattern".


Perhaps you forgot to go to Modules, turn on the Modules that you want and be sure to restart camera.
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Entirely possible, except WHERE is this "modules" setting/tab/widget/thingamabob?  I either missed something during the ML install or it's disabled or missing in this specific Nightly.

Walter Schulz

Delete ML folder and Autoexec.bin and copy extracted nightly build contents over. Retry and report.


That looks to have fixed it!  Seeing a *completely* different ML menu layout now.  The ML menu I was seeing, you selected "tabs" by moving left/right, and you changed settings by scrolling up/down.  I did use this SD card in my T1i, but I moved all of the ML files into a folder at the root of the card called "t1i-500d".  Is it possible the 700D ML somehow loaded those by accident?