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Started by AWPStar, May 29, 2015, 10:44:45 PM

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What is the difference between ProRes (FAST) and ProRes (422),
because in Resolve the (422) files are shown to be 4444,
but weirdly the (FAST) is shown to be 422

Edit maybe you've just muddled the names up because in the preset menu, ProRes fast is 422 and ProRes 422 is actually 4444


Merry Christmas!!!   
Testing 10 bit on 5D3 and MLVProducer during Christmas:
When I render the 10 bit files MLVProducer quits at 99% and have to shut down the program.
The programs works fine when the output folder is the .....\output

Windows 7 64 bit
MLVProducer 10/12 bit

Previous version did not have this bug (mlvp.alpha.build2258.INTEL)

Update:  The bug is present when I use DNxHD 1080 codec
When this happens the file is partially stored in format, then when I want to render again the program gets stuck at 0% and hangs up..
This is a repeatable bug.  |  EF 300 f/4, EF 100-400 L, EF 180 L, EF-S 10-22, Samyang 14mm, Sigma 28mm EX DG, Sigma 8mm 1:3.5 EX DG, EF 50mm 1:1.8 II, EF 1.4X II, Kenko C-AF 2X


Aditional sound testing 10*12bit

Standard video 1920x1080 is processed correctly and MLVProducer renders video with audio in sync.
When cropped video 2144x1206 with sound (three files 4GB each aprox)  is tested.  MLVProducer renders video but the sound is not synchronized..  Looks like audio contained in the last mlv file is put first in the video.  |  EF 300 f/4, EF 100-400 L, EF 180 L, EF-S 10-22, Samyang 14mm, Sigma 28mm EX DG, Sigma 8mm 1:3.5 EX DG, EF 50mm 1:1.8 II, EF 1.4X II, Kenko C-AF 2X


I can't seem to open DNG's that I export from MLVProducer in anything (dcraw, ufraw, darktable, rawtherapee, etc). I wonder if it's because the ufraw that Ubuntu repositories provide is apparently not compiled with zlib support?

Quote$ ufraw-batch --version
ufraw-batch 0.22
EXIV2 enabled.
JPEG enabled.
JPEG2000 (libjasper) disabled.
TIFF enabled.
PNG enabled.
FITS disabled.
ZIP enabled.
BZIP2 enabled.
LENSFUN enabled.

...maybe it would be nice to have an uncompressed DNG export option?

There are various zlib packages in the Ubuntu repos, and I have zlib1g installed, but I'm not sure which if any of the others might help the problem...

100D -- ML v1.0.1


I'm trying to use MLVProducer to convert MLV files to DNG pictures.
I think this software is perfect for my workflow (great work!!) :)

I'm using FRSP and saving in MLV format.

I produce a MLV sunset timelapse file instead of 200 single dng file (just to experiment about reliability of FRSP).

The resulting files is more than 4 Gb.

MLVProducer (mlvp.alpha.build2679.INTEL) load quickly the file and I can change all parameters, but when I try to render in CDNG or DNG or TIFF I get this error (division by 0) and the program crash:

From log
Method: RenderToCDNG
Line: 18
Number: 11
Description: Divisione per zero
Method: RenderTask
Line: 10
Number: 11
Description: Divisione per zero

If I choose png the program work OK.

MLVFS works ok on this file.

I hope this information is enough to find the "bug".  :-[
EOS 700D 1.1.5, EOS 500D


Is there a place for MLV Producer requests?  I'd like an option to keep the "settings" or "options" for one clip to carry through to the next.  That is, if I "grade" some footage to see how it looks I'd like those same setting when I open the next clip, which is usually shot under the same lighting conditions.  Right now, each time I open a clip all the settings go back to default/neutral.  THANKS!

Also, while I'm here.  What is the best format, in your opinion, to save the MLV file, in that it retains the most information for the compression in a way that I could delete the large MLV files?  I don't want to save DNGs, so I'm looking for an 80% solution.  THANKS!


@maxotics  Press Q to open up render queue, then Media queue window will show, now you can copy all of the clips parameters BUT have the option to paste what you want.

But I think you have to open them like this so you can see all the clips


Sorry guys, i will answer your questions little bit later. have no time.
MLVProducer. p.s. sorry for my bad english.


can somebody put this bad boy on the mac? wine sucks ass.. :P


Love the speed of 10bit video processing of MLVProducer.. it is FAST!!!!
Thanks!  |  EF 300 f/4, EF 100-400 L, EF 180 L, EF-S 10-22, Samyang 14mm, Sigma 28mm EX DG, Sigma 8mm 1:3.5 EX DG, EF 50mm 1:1.8 II, EF 1.4X II, Kenko C-AF 2X


testing 10bit crop mode 650D 1792x762
a lot of focus dots not removed

mlvproducer 2699 with exposure patch
win7 64bit intel

2 sample files with 20 frames
one dark file 2secs (52MB)

i tried to create noise pattern, but it doesn't work, probably because i don't know what steps i should do to create proper noise pattern, would like to read step-by-step mini tutorial on that


MLVProducer. p.s. sorry for my bad english.


hi, firends. I ask for your help. I shoot video with expansion 1728*972 in 14 bits (10 and 12 bits render perfectly but with glitches - the ML insertion problem, canon 7d).
then I throw it in MLVProd, I do colorcorect, and after a render in any of codecs (H.264 4:2:0, 4:2:2, ProRes 444, DNx...) I receive the broken file of 30 MB in size, can open nothing it. The last is established Quicktime and k-lite codecs. in what there can be a problem?


Can anyone please tell me how to get MLV Producer on my MAC? I don't want to to go through the hassle of installing VMWare Fusion again after my MAC crash and had to reset it. I try Wine and just can't get it to work or maybe missing a step. HELP HELP HELP please!!!



MLV Producer is a Windows based product. If you want it on a MAC, emulation is the only way.
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New version
Quote[build 2722]
-fixed: could not define map with wrong resolution
-fixed: Crash with nonstandard DNxHD's FPS
-fixed: DNG export: white level correction for 10/12 bit.
-fixed: DNG export: FRSP "division by zero" fix (low fps < 1)
-fixed: Fixed pattern noise. Code was damaged by mistake.
-fixed: keyboard input outside the window
-fixed: "Render task is not available in File Menu"
-fixed: change proxy mode while rendering
-chaged: list of resolutions depends on the aspect ratio

build 2722
MLVProducer AMD

MLVProducer. p.s. sorry for my bad english.


Fantastic support I am busy today but will be testing this later!  Thank you very much!  |  EF 300 f/4, EF 100-400 L, EF 180 L, EF-S 10-22, Samyang 14mm, Sigma 28mm EX DG, Sigma 8mm 1:3.5 EX DG, EF 50mm 1:1.8 II, EF 1.4X II, Kenko C-AF 2X


@AWPStar or anyone running MLVProducer

I've downloaded to my Win 10 environment and my virus checker refuses to allow ppfx.dll, ie removes it; hence MVLProducer refuses to run.

Any advice/guidance, eg is ppfx.dll safe? What is it?





It is library that contains some filters. Math only. without any OS api's.
Im not sure what virus checker you use, but it is obviously not the best)
MLVProducer. p.s. sorry for my bad english.



Thanks for the reassuring info: I've told my 'Norton Security' to accept the .dll.




No offence intentended:

First off, impressive update AWPStar.

But i gotta ask, this is the 3rd time your software update triggers Virus/malware software. Why is MLVProducer consistently triggering virus and malware detections?
once you go raw you never go back


Zero detections.

QuoteWhy is MLVProducer consistently triggering virus and malware detections?
Because this world contains lot of shitty antivirus software?)I don't know.
I can write small application that will detect every exe as a virus. Should developers care about that application?
Everyone have access to virustotal.
MLVProducer. p.s. sorry for my bad english.



I follow you with your Software since you start at May 2015 and the development you made is very impressing for me. But anthill now, I use the MLV Producer just as a quick Viewer for my MLV footage and sometimes as cDNG Converter for development in LR – ACR – Premiere ore AE. But MLVPlayer is much faster, also including the Voice in the Clip, best Basics for my and many other Peoples Work.

Today I try to develop in MLVProducer some Bird footage made with 5D3-123, ISO 100 / ISO 200, EF 600mm and EF100-400mm in 1920x1080 up to 2400x1340 pix. My Problem, I do not know to use the MLVPlayer in the best way like I use Lightroom, PS, After Effect ore Premiere Pro. My Target is to get a Clip with natural Colors in Adobe RGB, best possible sharpening and low Noise. Whatever I try on Settings anthill today, when I compared with my standard Workflow Results I can not use MLVProducer for the final work.

My Question to all, witch settings and workflow with MLVProducer you use to by satisfied. Is there a Workflow for MLVProducer I do not know?
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Working on new feature - command server.

Some kind of API for MLVProducer.
A build-in TCP server running at localhost:22265. It will receive commands from other copies of MLVP and other applications.
New copies of MLVP will transfer command line to the first window. So, as a developer you should not write TCP client.

Im gonna ask you about commands that you need.
My first command is
Quote-save-still <filename>

I'm talking with 3D LUT Creator's developer about integration with MLVP. I think this is a good idea.

MLVProducer. p.s. sorry for my bad english.