Author Topic: I am a ML user form China I want to say something about ML in China  (Read 2537 times)


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AT frist I must be thanks for the team who makes the ML and keep free to our CANON users
I‘ve known ML for a long time and I'm very glad to use the ML for 7D
It's very uesfull for my photo

I think in china many users have this problem :this program have too many Professional words and we can't read and use smooth like use chinese

but recently I found a BBS in china web It called ML China Official web
They sell Chinese Version ML they made
Chinese Version is good because my poor English
But I do not know if they were allowed and this program is free but that need payd

 so  If you have more times will you write a chinese progarm?

Apologize for my poor english

Thanks for the ML team!

Walter Schulz

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Licaon_Kter: There are two possible answers to his post. The legal issue you addressed and the other about multilanguage support in ML code. There are some posts about 2 years ago which may be summarized to "Not there yet". Any new info on this one?