Author Topic: Camera (650D and 60D) stops recording when HDMI is invalid  (Read 868 times)


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I use a Pralinx Arrow plus HD transmitter.
If I go out of range with the transmitter, the camera stops the recording.
The same happens when you picked up the HDMI cable from the camera while recording.

It is a known problem. This is on the Paralinx site

Canon DSLR Signal Loss/Stops Recording

There is a known issue with Canon DSLR cameras that causes them to stop recording when signal is lost. This is not actually a problem with the Paralinx product but has been brought to our attention. The solution commonly done by others has been to use a powered HDMI splitter between the Arrow(+) and the DSLR.

Of course I can use a splitter. But I really hope that there is another solution within ML
because you need to use a powered splitter, so that means even carry more batteries