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Started by laurainlights, April 29, 2015, 12:47:15 PM

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So.. I filmed RAW on a canon 5d markIII and checked that it indeed recorded audio. After recording (cause it won't play back with audio on the viewer) I copied the video folder with all the mlv clips to my hard drive. When converting it to mov/ProRes it didn't contain any audio.

I think the problem was that I didn't copy all folders, (there were 2, but it didn't look like there were many (important) files such as Wav's or whatever in the other one, but just one) but I can't remember what that other folder was called.

Do you guys know in which folder the audio is send to and what extensions those files have?
Or maybe can send a screenshot how the standard folderstructure straight from the CF cards look like?

I did a lot of research before hand, but feel stupid that this is what went wrong.

Thanks in advance! It'd help a lot!

Licaon_Kter enabled then the .MLV file contains the sound too.
Using mlvfs or mlrawviewer will get you the extracted .WAV file.


Ah okay thank you so much!
I indeed used mlrawviewer to convert the clips, but I didn't know it needed an extra map to enable the sound files.