Compiling Magic Lantern in the Cloud

Started by dmilligan, March 14, 2015, 04:08:42 AM

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Quote from: PhotoCat on June 30, 2015, 04:53:19 AMNow what??  Should I open a new thread or post in an existing thread?[/size][/font][/size]How do I get help from now on as I am ready to do some very very minor mods to the codes?Also I need to know the procedure to submit my new codes (if any) to the ML team... absolutely no clues...
Start a thread here: I guess

is missing, says so right there, looking for it like this might help:
so install imagemagick?


I'm finding that Codio is running a little spotty. Sometimes it works, other times it dumps. However, I was able to get familiar with what is needed to work with and compile ML and I was finally able to get it working on my MacBook--no virtual box necessary.

In any case, compiling in the cloud is a good starting point for users that don't have a complete development platform to work with. Too bad that Codio started locking out new users from some of the feature needed to compile ML.


"Terminal and Box access is only available if you have an active subscription."

It doesn't look like this works anymore. Or am I missing something?


There are many free online IDE's with a linux vm, I frequently use or


Has anyone recently and successfully used Codio for compiling in the Cloud?

I have followed the instructions on page 1, which worked for me about a year ago, but the Codio UI has changed since then and I'm getting nowhere.

If someone is currently using Codio, I would be grateful if they could share their workflow.




It's probably worth scrapping this idea and moving on. Just use a VM like I've mentioned in other threads. If we can get a Linux VM setup easily, maybe we can replace this topic with instructions for doing that.

Try this:
Install VirtualBox:
Install a prebuilt Ubuntu VM:
Run the bootstrap script from the OP in a command prompt

wget -q -O - | sed "s/\r//g" | bash


I'm not a coder but tried this 'in the cloud' approach.

I failed at step one,
Has anyone successfully used this approach and is willing to give a little more insight into the workflow or steps to take.


I found some errors about module_strings.h while trying to compile the 500D firmware.
Building module mlv_lite...
[ README   ]   module_strings.h

Could not find rst2html/rst2html5/
Please install python-docutils (pip install docutils).

[ CC       ]   mlv_lite.o
In file included from mlv_lite.c:48:0:
../../src/module.h:344:28: fatal error: module_strings.h: No such file or directory
#include "module_strings.h"

compilation terminated.
make[5]: *** [mlv_lite.o] Error 1

WARNING: module mlv_lite failed to build, deleting

Even though I could successfully compile the firmware, there were no modules. Below is my compilation log.

500D 1.1.1 & X-T3