Canon 5D Mark III / 5D3 / Firmware 1.1.3

Started by a1ex, March 10, 2015, 11:53:40 PM

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I wonder if I am in the right section for this "I can't downgrade" question.

In my 5dmk3 I have 1.3.3 factory installed.
When following procedure to downgrade using EOS utility (1,2 or 3) I manage to go up the step at which on your mac, it tells you to "push SET on the camera to begin".
Then I briefly see the "firmware update program" window at the back of the canon.
That is briefly because then it goes black, never light again. Instead the red led of the canon battery lights up for 5 seconds, then goes out, then lights up again like that, on and on and on.

That is when I wait and I wait.... The EOS Utility has crashed or spit his waiting wheel at my face. I ask the scary question...
How do I simply shut that down ?

So I turn the camera off at some point, remove the battery to be able to put it on again.
I breathe out when I see that nothing has been damaged but my camera is still on 1.3.3

If anyone has experienced that, I'll be happy to hear about how he or she managed to downgrade that bloody firmware.

Walter Schulz

Reset cam to factory defaults and don't forget C.Fn settings. Do so to avoid - unlikely but possilble - messing up your cam.
Format a card using cardreader (small one < 32 GByte recommended). Format again in cam.
Put cam in photo mode M. Liveview off.

Now try to install *Canon* firmware 1.1.3 using EOS Utility.
Report back.


I have done exactly the steps as you described them.
I also did it that way before posting. This time I even changed the SD card in case.
I get the same results, exactly as I described it in my first email. The cam screen goes black and the led slowly blink ad vitam eternam.

Please help !!!!

Edit : may my *Canon* Firmware 1.1.3 corrupted somehow ?

Walter Schulz

MD5 hash for 5D300113.FIR should be AE70EAB0CBE17EBEDA65FD02E03DC2C5.
Try using another SD- or CF-card.


Top ! It's working.
I checked the hash.
I used a CF card.
That seems to be it.
Does that mean that I could have problems running ML on the SD card ?

Walter Schulz

First time installation is quite a different task.


Hi there,
I have been trying all the feature until I start working with audio. As said in the documentation only the speaker volume and the beep test tone works with ML on this camera.
If have a H4n or a Juicylink, what else other that manually set the canon audio gain to 1 can I do to improve sound ? The volume is recorded only on channel 1 (left) also I send a 2 channel into the canon audio in.
I could not find anything else on the subject, can someone redirect me to the correct documentation for that camera/firmware ?
Thanks a lot.


Using H4n as input device for the very mediocre audio interface found in 5D3? Why?


I am actually recording with the H4n, I was thinking that I might take the lineout out of it to feed the canon, but I am not sure the necessity of it. I also have a juicy link DT 454 I am just evaluating the options, but there is no much to do with magic lantern and audio now. I also saw that with the smtpe module i could trigger the zoom with the canon.


I am sorry to post on this thread that is more related to firmware, but I can't find the menu allowing me to set a higher bitrate for h264 on my canon 5D3-113.
Or is it not available like for the audio menu ?


Hi Guys,

If I forgot to activate MLV sound when I shooted in raw, it's impossible to recover sound, really?

I have to decide If I have to make a full production day for this mistake - I got sound in headphones - ...but before ask you.


Walter Schulz

Quote from: budafilms on July 18, 2017, 10:02:40 AM
If I forgot to activate MLV sound when I shooted in raw, it's impossible to recover sound, really?

Would require breaking laws of physics.


Well, it's my day of join everybody and say: sorry.


Hi, i installed ML on my 5D mk III, firmware 1.1.3.
I have a problem in ML menu, i can't find Crop and Raw option.
Do you know what's happen?
Thank you

Walter Schulz

Modules tab: Enable MLV option of choice.
Crop mode on 5D3 has to be enabled in video mode by pressing loupe button.


What would it take to get a camera specific thread for the 5d4? I have one and am a software developer and am wanting to get things started... Ive read some sporadic messages of people talking of interest, but I havent seen much actual developmental discussion.


Not sure how I missed that... Oh well. Thanks! lol ???


Hi guys, 5D mkIII owner having a thick moment - help appreciated. Downgrading with Mac OS Sierra Macbook Pro to Canon 1.3.4 to 1.2.3 so I can run ML. I've downloaded the ML software from the website (, but I haven't found a way/firmware to downgrade my 5D mkIII yet to 1.2.3  - and ML says it cant' do anything until it sees 1.2.3, can anyone advise please? Thanks  - Tim

Walter Schulz

Read chapter "Installation" in Downloads -> Download Nightly Builds -> 5D Mark III


Hi Tim,

If you want to downgrade from 1.3.4 to 1.2.3 why are you posting on the 1.1.3 topic?

I have a pull request (with issues) for the 1.3.4. The forum topic for that is here:

It seems that your problem is that you haven't been able to find a download for the 1.2.3 firmware update for Mac. You don't need it, simply unzip the Windows version. The ".FIR" file is the same.

Canon made it so you can't do an in camera downgrade from the 1.3.* firmware versions to the 1.2.* or 1.1.* versions. However, you can still do it with EOS Utility:

By the way, I've posted a "5D3 Canon Firmware for" on my bitbucket download page.



I want to replace my shuttr myself with one I can get from ebay for 60$. But is it possible to reset the shuttr count back to zero, after I have done so?



Being absend from the world of ML for some time I now have to install it again on my 5d mark III. But I see that the stable builds are missing. Do I just download the latest nightly build?


Quote from: Walter Schulz on July 18, 2017, 10:09:30 AM
Would require breaking laws of physics.

I'm good at breakin' laws.  Hold my beer. 


Hey. how to use bracketing on focus? Does not work (((