[WONTFIX] 5D M3 dual-write for burst

Started by 3DM1, February 07, 2015, 04:54:49 AM

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is it possible to make the 5DM3 write on both slots to achieve more shots until the burst rate drops. (Like writing mlv on both slots to get more MB/s)

as CF cards are 4-5 times faster than 5DM3s SD slot, it could be solved by writing every 4-5th frame to SD (while burst).

It would be awesome if this would be possible.


It would be really really awesome if people didn't make their first post within ten minutes of signup as a feature request.
Especially a feature request that has already been asked many many times.  And here's the kicker, already done!  Did someone say card spanning.

Oh, you mean for photos.  Did someone say egg on face!

The burst rate is really limited by the buffer size, and the SD slot on current dual slot cameras is far to slow to be really useful.  You may gain one extra shot before things slow down, and things would be slightly faster I guess if using both slots.